STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE: Why Independent Community Bankers Should Support the ICBSD Political Action Committee

STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE: Why Independent Community Bankers Should Support the ICBSD Political Action Committee

by: Megan Olson, President & CEO, ICBSD

As community bankers, you play a crucial role in the economic development and stability of your local communities. You provide essential services to businesses and individuals and serve as the lifeblood of your communities. As you navigate the intricate web of regulations, legislation, and economic challenges, it is crucial for you to have a unified voice in the political arena. The ICBSD Political Action Committee is the avenue through which your voice can be heard on a state and federal level. With an election year on the horizon, your support of the ICBSD PAC is crucial. Here are four reasons why you should contribute to the ICBSD PAC:

  1. Collective Advocacy. Community bankers are busy individuals! You’re focused on service for your customers and ensuring the financial health of your bank. Yet, as you know, the world of politics and policy making directly affects your operations. By pooling your resources through the ICBSD PAC, you can engage in collective advocacy efforts. A unified voice carries more weight when it comes to influencing policymakers and legislators, making it more likely that your concerns will be heard and addressed.
  2. Influence on Decision-Makers. Contributing to the ICBSD PAC means supporting candidates and lawmakers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by independent community banks. These candidates, when elected, are more likely to champion policies that are favorable to the industry. By contributing, you have a direct impact on the election and re-election of officials who will advocate for our industry’s best interests. This influence can lead to better regulatory environments, tax policies and legislation that support community banks.
  3. Protection from Regulatory Burdens. You are no stranger to regulatory burdens and understand first-hand how it negatively affects your ability to serve your communities. ICBSD has a strong PAC and has the capabilities to push for sensible and tailored regulations that account for the size and scope of your bank. Through strategic contributions, you can work towards ensuring that regulations are fair and do not stifle your institutions’ growth and innovation.
  4. Access to Decision-Makers. Contributors to a PAC often gain access to decision-makers, allowing them to share their perspectives directly with lawmakers. This access can lead to meaningful discussions and a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by community banks. By contributing, you can establish relationships that foster productive dialogues and open doors to advocate for our industry’s needs.


If you would like to contribute, checks can be mailed to: ICBSD PAC PO Box 615 Watertown, SD 57201.


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