Presenting at the 2023 Fall Directors and Managers Conference: Brittany McKnight

Ness School of Management and Economics, SDSU

Brittany McKnight is an assistant professor of business law at the Ness School of Management and Economics. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from South Dakota State University and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Knudson School of Law.

With a robust educational foundation, McKnight embarked on a dynamic legal career that spanned various domains. Her professional journey saw her practicing law in a diverse range of areas, including criminal prosecution and defense, family law, and corporate law. 

Today, McKnight’s influence extends beyond the courtroom as she assumes the role of Assistant Professor of Business Law at the Ness School of Management and Economics. In this capacity, she imparts her knowledge to students, teaching classes that cover law and real estate. McKnight’s teaching philosophy is grounded in her rich practical experience, providing students with a unique perspective that bridges theory and real-world application.