Meeting Expectations with Technology and Security

Meeting Expectations with Technology and Security

Meeting Expectations with Technology, Security

Mary Williams, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer and Operations Team

The expectation of today’s banking customer is not just account access 24-7, the expectation is instantaneous transactions. And no one knows this better than Mary Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of United Bankers’ Bank.


“The average customer doesn’t think about what goes on behind the scenes to make those transactions happen,” says Williams. “That’s OK, because it’s our job to help make those as secure and smooth as possible.”


Williams knows the previous burdens community banks faced in meeting customers’ desire for speed. Banks had to staff more, remain open longer and manually verify deposits and settlements. 


Today, with an assortment of digital wallets and payment systems at consumers’ fingertips, Williams and her team have tasked themselves with building a better options for community banks and their customers. And while the technology is important, they’re educating customers, too.


“Customer education is really crucial,” says Cassie Orloske, Data Deposit Services Manager. “With so many payment apps out there, customers need to understand their risk, their security, whether they are FDIC-insured, and how they can best mitigate fraud.”


To that end, United Bankers’ Bank continues to develop their own proprietary payment and settlement tool for community banks and their customers. “24-7 account access is a given, so how we set this up is critical and necessary,” says Williams. 


Since the Federal Reserve launched its new real-time payments service, FedNow®, in July of this year, institutions like United Bankers’ Bank and the community banks they serve are working hard to make sure they have the best technology to support it. 


This investment into a payment systems platform is part of United Bankers’ Bank’s commitment to help community banks keep pace with the technology of their larger competition. But it’s far more than that.


It’s about helping  banks keep more of their customers’ information and technology in one place, as many popular payment platforms put customers at the mercy of a bigger bank that does not know their needs. 


Alan McLean, Senior Vice President and Operations Director says, “Keeping your funds at the institution you know and trust benefits the customer, but it also benefits the bank’s ability to make quick, informed decisions for the customers they know.”


Williams says it all comes back to the main street, home town presence of community banks. “We know that when the community bank in a small town thrives, the neighboring businesses have the best opportunity to thrive, also. And we’re working on  innovation for our banking clients to be competitive, while still maintaining those personal relationships.”


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