On the Move With Father and Son

On the Move With Father and Son

Josh Hogue, Chairman of ICBSD, President at Reliabank Dakota

Rick Hogue, Executive Vice President, First Fidelity Bank in Burke


Long before giving much thought to a banking career, Josh Hogue was laser-focused on track and basketball. Today, he continues to bring teamwork to the job – ICBSD Chairman of the Board and President, Reliabank of Watertown.

“We work really hard to aim before we shoot,” says Josh. “I always encourage our team to raise their hand when they see a problem. Banking innovations usually come from the people closest to the challenge.”

You could say sports – and banking – are in the Hogue blood. Josh’s father, Rick Hogue, is in his 35th year in the industry as Executive Vice President of First Fidelity Bank of Burke.

As Josh was growing up, Rick also did radio announcing and color commentary for high school sports. That was until his son took the field – where he then found his place cheering in the stands. Josh’s father shares a similar philosophy on teamwork at the office. “It’s really crucial that everyone feels their ideas are important,” says Rick. “Our community bank really is a family and it’s important to keep the doors open.”

Open doors and staying busy is nothing new for the Hogues. As a child, Josh watched his father balance raising kids and wearing many different hats in the community.

“He got dressed up for work every day and he knew literally everyone,” says Josh. “There was always a push to be there for those local customers, share in the community activities and events – in work, and as a family.”

For Josh, that balancing act is part of the appeal of community banking: a work and life balance where you’re not only invested in your livelihood, but the lives of all your neighbors and friends.

“It’s really important in small towns to support customers and their businesses. That’s what helps keep main street vibrant and growing,” says Josh.

As Josh begins his new role as Chairman of the ICBSD board, he looks forward to visiting with all the member banks and supporting the newest generation of leaders.

“We’re fortunate in that ICBSD is in a really good place fiscally,” says Josh. “Our organization has put us in a great position to invest back into people, membership, advocacy and improve our events and our leaders.”

Both Josh and Rick acknowledge that current higher interest rates are a challenge. Because of that, being a trusted consultant is extremely important, bringing value to the customer and working on new, creative ways to create cash flow and manage financing and operations.

“When times are tough, as community banks, we have patience,” says Rick. “We don’t rush to judgement. We just work hard to do what’s right and treat people fairly. And I think those are good virtues in a bank.”

Banking talk sometimes makes its way to the family dinner table. And while Josh and Rick often turn to each other for advice, they are quick to make sure family time comes first.

While the father and son continue to pursue their careers and community relationships, Josh approaches business like his daily workout routine – and the example set before him.

“Just get up in the morning and do something, keep moving every day! Be the best you can be!”