Meet the Exhibitors at Farming, Finance & Global Markets

We are proud to welcome the following exhibitors to our annual fall conference – Farming, Finance & Global Markets! If you would like to join our list of exhibitors, please contact Megan via email at

  1. VGM Forbin “Your needs + our expertise = a web solution built to help your business grow.”
  2. West Gate Bank “West Gate Bank Correspondent helps community banks provide home ownership to their customers by offering the right products, at the right price, in a fast and efficient manner. Manager your owner operation as a Mortgage Broker or Correspondent with either Delegated or Non-Delegated lending authority.”
  3. SDN Communications SDN Communications is the premier business-to-business broadband service provider in the region that also provides the managed cybersecurity products and remote network monitoring to build a more secure business network.”
  4. SBS Cyber Security “Customized cybersecurity solutions – consulting, network security, IT audit, education & more!” 
  5. First District Development Company “South Dakota’s small business loan partner” 
  6. ICBM Insurance “Customized insurance coverage for community banks”
  7. South Dakota Development Corporation – “We’re here for South Dakota”