Meet Our Presenter From BHG: Keith Gruebele

Keith Gruebele, EVP, Institutional Relationships at Bankers Healthcare Group

Friday, July 30th Keynote Presentation: The Mindset of Change

Often times change is forced upon us and as humans we push back on it, fighting to hold onto the status quo until we are forced to ultimately embrace the change we resisted.  The end result is unnecessary stress, wasted energy, and often lost opportunity.  Presenter Kieth Gruebele often uses the hashtag #EOBE, which stands for Evolve Or Become Extinct.  The goal of this session is to shape our perception of change, embrace it with a warm welcome, and learn how a Mindset of Change can help accelerate your growth as a person and an organization.  Change is inevitable, the difference between people who thrive in the face of change and those who struggle through it is their mindset and where it leads them.

About Kieth Gruebele:

Keith Gruebele is Executive Vice President, Institutional Relationships at BHG. In his role, he works to facilitate strategic partnerships with community banks, as part of BHG’s growing bank network of almost 1,300. Keith’s focus is not only on supporting BHG’s current customer banks, but also in forging new partnerships across North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Arizona, where he is an active member of the state banking associations. With a philosophy of educating, not selling, Keith takes a consultative approach to partnerships. He dedicates himself to understanding his clients’ pain points and opportunities, and then provides the knowledge and resources necessary to help them make informed decisions for their business. A problem-solver by nature, Keith’s curiosity and drive make him a natural innovator, always looking for fresh, elegant solutions to old, complicated problems.  As a seasoned leader with over 24 years of experience, Keith uses his expertise in communication and relationship-building to guide his Team and drive results. He strives to lead by example and is a passionate steward of BHG and the services the company provides to help people and improve lives every day.

Dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement, Keith is a certified MBTI professional, and has been accredited for coaching, speaking and training by the renowned Les Brown Institute. He is also a graduate of the Tony Robbins Mastery University. Keith is active in his community in Plantation, FL where he co-chairs the Educational Committee for the Florida Chapter of the HFMA, and regularly contributes to the South Florida Business Journal. On a national scale, he is also a recurring contributor to the Forbes Business Development Council. Keith has been published in a multitude of publications and is frequently asked to contribute to podcasts where he shares his expertise in finance and leadership. Aside from his unending drive to succeed in my professional career, Keith enjoys motivational speaking, coaching people to awaken their maximum potential, supporting and volunteering with multiple charities, reading, cooking, fine wine and dining, CrossFit, music, boating, and time with his loved ones.

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