Meet Our Presenter from Onovative: Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson, Vice President of Business Development

“Leveraging Technology to Drive Marketing Success”

Engaging with your customers and staying connected has never been more important. The challenges caused by the pandemic have left lasting effects and continues to make marketing efforts anything but typical, particularly in the banking space. How do bank marketers learn from the marketing challenges experienced and what opportunities can be tapped into to be successful moving forward? During her presentation at the Black Hills Retreat on Saturday, July 31st, Kelly will take a deeper dive into the unique challenges bank marketers face today and how you can leverage technology to propel your growth efforts and achieve your targeted goals.

About Kelly Larson:

Kelly Larson, CFMP is an established marketing adviser who specializes in strategic solutions and detailed program execution for regional and national financial institutions. She holds over 20 years of marketing experience and is very accustomed to building diverse marketing strategies based on her clients’ unique needs and challenges. Most recently as VP of Business Development at Onovative, Kelly has partnered with community banks as a Certified Financial Marketing Professional to drive growth through marketing solutions.

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