ICBSD and ICBND provide a communication link between Liquidity Program members who have available liquidity with those members who have short-term funding needs.  ICBSD/ICBND is responsible for maintaining and communicating the Liquidity Program member contact information. Participating banks are not legally bound to provide funding or even respond to requests as part of their participation in the Liquidity Program. There is no fee assessed by ICBSD or ICBND in conjunction with hosting the Liquidity Program and all funding terms, pricing, documentation and other conditions are negotiated directly between participating members. The Liquidity Program is tested at least twice per year to assure its effectiveness as a source of funding and to validate the availability of funds for participating members. The Liquidity Program is open to all ICBSD and ICBND member banks.

Member Requests to Utilize the Liquidity Program

Requests to utilize the network for emergency funding should be sent to both megan@icbsd.com and barryh@icbnd.com using the following format:


Subject – Liquidity Program Request for Funds

*********** IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED **********

Member Bank Name of City, State is looking for $0.00 in short-term funds from the ICBSD/ICBND Cooperative Liquidity Program members.

The bank is looking to acquire XX certificates of deposit in the amount of each for any of following proposed terms:

Enter any terms if known

The availability of these certificates and any specific dollar amounts, interest rates, terms and required documentation is subject to direct negotiation with the bank.

Please contact the following individuals using the banks main telephone line at ______.

Contacts Names                          

***********  IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED   **********