Community Bankers, We Applaud You!

Megan Olson, ICBSD President and CEO

Community Bankers, We Applaud You!

By: Megan Olson, ICBSD President/CEO

During my first three years with ICBSD one thing has been incredibly apparent, community bankers are some of the most humble and hardworking people I’ve had the privilege of working with.  Your unwavering commitment to supporting customers, families and your communities is what sets you apart from other financial institutions, and has been made visible for all to realize during these tumultuous times. 

While health care professionals have been fighting to keep us healthy on the medical frontline, you and your teams have been front and center on the economic frontline. You have put in 12 – 16 hour days (if not more) in order to guide small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, all while ensuring the safety and security of your team through social distancing and creating work from home practices. Your dedication and strong work ethic may be part of the day to day grind for you; however, once COVID-19 has run its course and our local economies come out on top, the citizens of South Dakota will be thanking you for your strong support. We see your efforts and applaud you for your work! 

Knowing your humble roots, you most likely won’t be the first in line to shout it from the roof tops so we are here to do that for you! Take a moment to celebrate you, your teams and all that you have accomplished and the significant impact you have had on your communities in only a few months. You saved countless businesses from closing their doors, saved thousands of jobs and eased the financial strain of families across the state. YOU saved the day! Because of you, South Dakota will come back stronger than ever before and because of that you should be proud!