Sip! Sip! Hooray!

South Dakota banks processed $1,682,896,085 in PPP loans, so let's celebrate!

Say thank you to your employees for their long hours and hard work by joining us for an after hours, virtual wine & beer tasting event from the convenience of your bank. Simply make your reservation by visiting our website, and we will do the rest! The tasting will be facilitated over zoom and will include four exclusive varietals from Napa Valley’s Jessup Cellars, and four brews from South Dakota’s own Fernson Brewing. All proceeds from the event will benefit the ICBSD PAC. Just like you are doing in your community bank innovation, flexibility and creativity are the new normal. ICBSD appreciates your consideration in joining us to raise funds for the ICBSD PAC and ensuring that pro community bank candidates continue to be elected to the state legislature.

Cost: $550 for 10 people (reservations must be in increments of 10 people). Registration deadline is September 30th. 

Please Note: Only one individual from each bank needs to register. This individual will be our point of contact. We will work with this individual to coordinate all details to ensure the tasting runs smoothly for you and your employees! We will hand deliver a “Party PAC” to your bank that consists of  wine, beer, tasting cups and menus based on your registration head count.

Virtual Wine & Beer Tasting FAQ's

Who is this event for?

We understand the long hours and hard work you and your team has put in over the past months helping your customers navigate the PPP process. This event was design as a way to say thank you  to your team, your board of directors and others you chose you invite.

Where does the money go?

It’s an election year, and ICBSD prides itself in being the only banking association that has a state PAC. With that being said, due to Black Hills retreat being canceled, this event will be our main PAC fundraiser. We are working to replenish the PAC account to help get pro-community bank candidates elected to the SD legislature in November.

Just how does a virtual wine and beer tasting work?

It’s easy! All you have to do is register, gather your group on October 15th at 4:30 (CST),  log into Zoom using the URL we will provide you with and you will be all set! We will deliver all tasting materials directly to your bank – wine, beer, tasting glasses, instructions card, bottle opener and tasting notes. Once the tasting has started, two industry experts will guide you and other community bankers across South Dakota through a fun and exciting tasting experience!

How do we get the wine and beer to our location?

The ICBSD team will deliver it right to your location ahead of the tasting event. All you’ll have to do is open and enjoy!

How does pricing work?

The event is priced in increments of 10 people. If you have 10 or less people participating the cost is $550. For every 11-20 people $1100 and so on.

What if I have less than 10 people in my bank?

No problem! Each tasting package includes enough for up to 10 people to have 3-4 oz. samples of each of the wine and beer varieties. Less than 10 people means larger sample sizes!

What if I have multiple branches I want to have participate?

No problem! Simply register each location and we will gladly deliver a tasting package to each of your branches.