Support the ICBSD PAC


Support the ICBSD PAC

By: Monte Troske, Chairman of the ICBSD Board, President/CEO of Farmers State Bank of Turton

I never thought I would see the day that our annual Black Hills Retreat would be cancelled due to a pandemic. We are certainly living in unprecedented times. What JoAnn and I look forward to most at the retreat is catching up with fellow bankers, disconnecting from ‘the real world” and sneaking in a round or two of golf! I am greatly disappointed this isn’t in the books for us this year. Megan and Hannah had an excellent, family friendly event planned which will be moved to July 29 – August 1, 2021 at The Deadwood Lodge. Mark your calendar!

As chairman, I am also disappointed due to the negative financial impact cancelling the retreat will have on the ICBSD Political Action Committee (PAC). This event, along with your generous contributions to our PAC 100 club, is what supports this cause. Without the annual retreat, we are left shorthanded. 

Soon, you will be receiving a letter in the mail from the ICBSD board of directors asking for your support of the PAC program. I ask that you, and those within your institution, consider supporting the PAC so that we are equipped with the funds and resources necessary for the upcoming election year. Your contributions will be used to support the campaigns of lawmakers and candidates who have shown strong leadership and understanding of community banking concerns. In today’s political climate, it is imperative that we support the leaders who support community banking.

If all goes as planned and life returns to “normal”, we will be hosting a one night only PAC fundraising and networking event in Sioux Falls. More details to come on that! 

Thank you in advance for your consideration! Please stay safe and healthy and contact me if you have any questions.