Meet Our Presenter from ICBA Securities: Marty Mosby

In his presentation “Sustaining Your Banks Franchise Value Through a Prolonged Zero Interest Rate and Liquid Environment” Marty will address your bank’s roadmap to maintaining profitability with earning asset yields repricing to historically low levels as a result of fierce loan pricing pressures.  Additionally, he will highlight the critical pitfalls this current operating environment poses for bank managements, similar to how 2002 record earnings levels preceded 2008’s financial crisis, and how we would like to avoid a similar experience.  In order to manage through these earnings pressures and risks caused by this unique operating environment, he will highlight three key strategic analytics:

    • a comprehensive balance sheet pricing approach
    • enterprise-wide risk based capital adequacy thresholds
    • parameters for acceptable capital-at-risk limits for potential FASB 115 mark-to-market losses


Additionally, he will highlight the current M&A environment, including recent sub-debt issuance trends, and potential catalysts that may lead to the next wave of consolidations.

About Marty Mosby, Banking Strategist With Over 30 Years of Experience

Recently, Marty has been a bank research analyst for the past 10 years. He has utilized his past experience of managing a regional bank for two decades to cover 20 of the Largest U.S. Banks. Prior to covering banks, Marty had been an executive manager at First Horizon National Corporation where over his 20 year career he had served as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Investor Relations and Strategic Planning, ALCO Chairperson and Chief Economist. As CFO, Marty guided First Horizon through four years of Sarbanes-Oxley and directed the Treasury, Tax, Controller, M&A, Strategic Planning, and Investor Relations Departments. This has helped him gain a strong understanding of the banking industry which he has used to develop differentiated bank analysis and correlations of profitability to market valuations. He was ranked first by Integrity Research and Investors’ performance, won Bank Analyst Annual Best Investor Relations at a Mid- Cap Bank award twice, and recognized by Investor Relations Magazine for one of the best Roadshows of any mid-sized company. Marty graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988 with the degree of Masters of Arts in Economics and from the University of Memphis with the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics in 1986.


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