LEVEL UP: Professional Leadership & Development Program

This program is designed to help shape young bankers in your organization by equipping them with the leadership and professional development they’ll need to serve as the future leaders of South Dakota’s independent community banks.  This one-of-a-kind learning experience will have an immediate, positive impact on attendees and the banks that sponsor them. Level Up will begin in January of 2023 and will feature a series of six sessions. Each session has been designed for future bank leaders who are motivated and eager to reach their full potential. Level Up will occur only in years ending in an odd number, so hurry and enroll today!

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be poised to contribute significantly to the bank’s future, as well as contribute positively to the bank’s work environment by building and maintaining influential relationships with employees and supervisors. A graduation ceremony will be held July 27 – 29, 2023 at Spearfish Canyon Lodge during the annual Black Hills Retreat. Families are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend!

Along with the six in person training sessions, participants will receive:

  • DISC personality assessment
  • A professional head shot
  • Registration to ICBSD’s annual Black Hills Retreat for graduation
  • All meals, refreshments, and activities during each session


The inaugural year of Level Up will begin in January of 2023!


The cost to enroll is $350 per participant (from an ICBSD member bank).


Each session will take place in a different location throughout the state.


Class size is limited to 20 participants per year.


Complete the form below to enroll in the 2023 session.

Level Up


Session 1: JANUARY 2023

Location: Watertown

GETTING PERSONAL: Participants will take a deep dive into their strengths and habits, and learn how both affect teamwork. This session will also help participants understand the power of projecting a professional brand for themselves and their bank.

Session 2: FEBRUARY 2023

Location: Pierre

THE POWER OF INFLUENCE: Understand how to become an effective lobbyist for your community bank both at a state and federal level. Participants will also get a behind the scenes look at state government and an opportunity to better understand community banking in South Dakota.

Session 3: MARCH 2023

Location: Brookings

HIGH IMPACT PRESENTATIONS: Learn and practice key elements of effective presentations: communication, content, and delivery along with tips and tricks to make your next presentation a breeze.

Session 4: APRIL 2023

Location: Sioux Falls

THE CHALLENGE OF LEADING: This session will help participants navigate obstacles many leaders face: managing multiple generations, inspiring a team and living up to one’s full leadership potential.

Session 5: MAY 2023

Location : Yankton

THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION: Get ready to become a master communicator! Learn to navigate communication barriers, understand proper communication in a professional setting and learn to effectively connect with multiple generations within your organization.

Session 6: JUNE 2023

Location: Mitchell

FLEXIBILITY IN LEADERSHIP: During our final session you’ll refine your skills to push you and your team to maximum potential! The culmination of your 6 months of hard work!

JULY 27-29, 2023

Location: Spearfish Canyon Lodge

GRADUATION: Each participant and their family (yes, kids too!) is invited to take part in a special graduation reception as part of ICBSD’s annual Black Hills Retreat