Jaime Taets of Keystone Group International to Present at Annual Retreat

Jaime Taets of Keystone Group International will be presenting “The New Age of Strategic Planning” at the Annual Retreat on Friday, July 26th at Sylvan Lake Lodge.

Jaime Taets spent 13 years in a large corporate environment in a variety of leadership roles before leaving to start her own business. She is currently the CEO of Keystone Group International, a firm focused on organizational strategy, growth and high performance. She has lived and traveled globally and strongly believes as business leaders, across all industries and markets, we need to focus on creating strategic clarity in our organizations to build the foundation for healthy, scalable and sustainable growth.

Gone are the days where strategic planning was a 2-day event each year that created a binder full of good information but lacked a way to truly engage the entire organization around the goals.  In this session Jaime will discuss the new age of strategic planning and how organizations need to think differently about their strategic approach to drive truly impactful and sustainable growth in their organizations.  With the evolving workforce dynamics and the impact of culture and engagement on our business results, business leaders need to find a strategic approach to defining their vision and also engaging their employees to drive that vision.  Harnessing the high performance of your team is truly a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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