ICBSD Supports the Nomination of Michelle Bowman, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

November 13, 2018

The Honorable Mitch McConnell

Majority Leader

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable Charles E. Schumer 

Minority Leader

United States Senate   

Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer:

The undersigned state banking associations representing our nation’s nearly 5,700 community banks respectfully urge you to vote to approve the nomination of Michelle “Miki” Bowman for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Board). Ms. Bowman’s nomination was approved by the Banking Committee on a bipartisan vote.

Board policy affects many aspects of community banking, and it is important to have a full Board in place for appropriate input and balanced deliberations. We were thrilled when Congress created a dedicated, community-bank representative seat the Board, and we fully support Ms. Bowman as uniquely qualified to fill that important seat.

Ms. Bowman’s experience is highly relevant to the Board. She currently serves as a top bank regulator, the Kansas Bank Commissioner, and she is a fifth generation Kansas community banker, having served as an officer of the Farmers and Drovers Bank of Council Grove, Kansas, where she was involved in both the lending and compliance aspects of the business. Where the statute requires community banking regulatory or business experience, Ms. Bowman has both, in senior, leadership roles. In addition, she has worked both in Congress and the Executive Branch at senior levels.

Ms. Bowman’s diverse professional experience, seasoned judgment, and insight into the financial, rural, and agricultural economies will diversify the Board and strengthen its deliberations, rulemaking, and open market operations. We urge you to act expeditiously to approve her nomination so that American communities may benefit from her service on the Board without undue delay.

Thank you for your consideration.


Alabama Bankers Association, Inc.

Arkansas Community Bankers

Arizona Bankers Association

California Community Banking Network

Independent Bankers of Colorado

Florida Bankers Association

Community Bankers Association of Georgia

Idaho Bankers Association

Community Bankers Association of Illinois

Indiana Bankers Association

Community Bankers of Iowa

Community Bankers Association of Kansas

Bluegrass Community Bankers Association

Louisiana Bankers Association

Maine Bankers Association

Maryland Bankers Association

Massachusetts Bankers Association

Community Bankers of Michigan

Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota

Mississippi Bankers Association

Missouri Independent Bankers Association

Montana Independent Bankers

Nebraska Independent Community Bankers

New Hampshire Bankers Association

New Jersey Bankers Association

Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico

Independent Bankers Assn of New York State

North Carolina Bankers Association

Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

Community Bankers Association of Ohio

Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma

Oregon Bankers Association

Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers

Independent Banks of South Carolina

Independent Community Bankers of South Dakota

Tennessee Bankers Association

Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Vermont Bankers Association

Virginia Association of Community Banks

Community Bankers of Washington

Community Bankers of West Virginia

Wisconsin Bankers Association

Wyoming Bankers Association

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