Going Contactless During Covid-19

Going Contactless During Covid-19

By: Teresa Ulven, Manager of The Advantage Network

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt created challenges for financial institutions across the country. However, one of the hallmarks of community banks is their ability to quickly adapt and overcome the challenges in front of them. With everything we’ve experienced in the recent months, it’s important now more than ever that community banks find innovative ways to continue to serve their customers and keep them safe. The Advantage Network was born from an independent community bank. That’s why, like a community bank, we value putting customers and relationships first. The pandemic has created opportunities to do just that by finding new ways to protect customers, and The Advantage Network can help.

Contactless cards

One of the ways you can protect your customers in the fight against COVID-19 is by offering contactless cards. At a merchant terminal where contactless cards are accepted, customers simply tap their cards instead of swiping or inserting their card in a machine that’s been used by hundreds of people.

We began implementing contactless cards earlier this year, and we’re excited about the opportunity to provide this service to our member institutions. Not only are contactless cards a safer solution for your customers, it is the quickest, most convenient way for consumers to pay at merchant terminals. Adding this feature may also make your card top of wallet, if it isn’t already.

Mobile wallets

Supporting digital wallet programs like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay is another way you can protect your customers. A digital wallet is a phone app or service that can be used to pay for purchases at participating stores. It’s a great a way for your customers to make purchases without touching frequently used credit card terminals. When your customers link their debit card to a mobile wallet, their card information is safe and so are they. When you source your debit card production with us, we can provide hands-on service in implementing these programs.

Online shopping has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic and getting your card uploaded into a mobile wallet will increase your chances of your debit card being used, increasing your non-interest income. Mobile wallets provide a one-step checkout process, allowing the customer to skip having to enter their card and billing information, making the transitions seamless and secure.

As a regional leader in electronic funds transfer (EFT) services including debit card production, ATM driving, and more, we have the expertise and customer service to make your debit card program a success, even in times like this. To learn more about supporting digital wallet platforms or about our contactless cards, please contact us