Get your cardholders ready to travel again with these tips

By: Teresa Thill, Advantage Network Manager

Now that the world is opening up, people around the U.S. are once again ready to pack their bags for a new adventure. As your customers’ trusted financial institution, this is a great opportunity for you to build awareness for all the ways you can help them enjoy their summer travels. As always, The Advantage Network is ready to help you create a debit card program to provide your customers with a great experience, along with any marketing and implementation support that you might need.

Following verification with your institution, here are a few ways that you can prepare your cardholders for whatever vacations summer has in store for them.

Make your financial institution (FI) contact information easy to find

If your cardholders experience any issues with using their checkcard while away, they’ll need easy to find contact information. Encourage cardholders to carry this information with them, or ensure that it’s easy to locate on your institution’s website.

 Educate cardholders about account alerts

If your institution has an account alerts platform, be sure to promote it as a way for your cardholders to never miss a moment when it comes to their money. This can be especially helpful during travel, as cardholders can sometimes be notified immediately after a transaction occurs.


Remind cardholders and staff about your fraud monitoring system

If your institution has a fraud monitoring system in place, remind your staff to verify whether a text, email, or telephone call was generated to the cardholder if fraud is suspected. You can also remind cardholders that if they are contacted by the fraud monitoring system, they can call the fraud center or your institution.

Encourage cardholders to notify you before traveling

Remind your cardholders to contact you in advance of their travel so your staff can place a travel note on their account. If the cardholder is traveling outside their normal spending area, this will allow them to continue to use their checkcard uninterrupted, creating a seamless travel experience that your customers will appreciate!

Provide information about using ATMs
When cardholders use their ATM card or checkcard at an ATM in a foreign country, they may be subject to several additional fees. Does your FI charge cardholders a foreign ATM service fee or a currency conversion fee? If so, you’ll want to let cardholders know so that they are not taken by surprise at any additional fees.

Cash back at a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal in the United States may be available at participating merchant locations. Some merchants charge a small fee ($1, for example). If your institution participates in Pulse, cash back at a POS terminal would be available outside the United States at a participating merchant in Canada, Mexico, and a small number of Caribbean countries.

Informing your cardholders about traveling with their checkcard will make their experience more enjoyable by keeping their transactions secure and their checkcards accessible.