“A Day Without Cyber Security” to be Presented at Annual Retreat by Nick Podhradsky of SBS CyberSecurity

What would happen if you or your business went one day without cybersecurity?  The headlines in the news tell us that cybersecurity is a huge problem in the world, but are we really in as bad a shape as they say?  This session will discuss the current status of cybersecurity, emerging technologies that will challenge all businesses, and simple things that you can do to build or maintain a strong culture of cybersecurity.

Nick Podhradsky, Senior Vice President at SBS CyberSecurity, will be presenting “A Day Without Cyber Security” at our annual retreat! Nick is on a mission to help organizations understand basic cybersecurity principles and incorporate a stronger culture of security. Since 2016 Nick has hosted the monthly “Hacker Hour” webinar series, which aims to help attendees understand basic cybersecurity principles. Nick has been selected as a guest lecturer at the Dakota State University GenCyber camp and frequently speaks at local Chamber of Commerce groups and other user groups.  Nick has 10 years of experience in the banking industry and holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Dakota State University. He is a Certified Banking Security Manager and Certified Banking Incident Handler.

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