One Mission. Community Banking.

Federal regulations are restricting community banks which are an integral part of South Dakota’s Main Street! Independent community banks reinvest local dollars into families, small businesses and farm operations which creates jobs and stimulates growth within their communities. It is our mission to protect and enhance independent community banks throughout South Dakota.

number of community bank branches located in South Dakota
number of community banks chartered in South Dakota
$22.6 billion - total deposits held at community banks in South Dakota
20,354- total amount of full time independent community bank employees in South Dakota

Know the Difference: Community Banking


Focused, Personal Attention -

Community bankers focus attention on the needs of local families, businesses and farmers. Conversely, many of the nation’s large and systemically risky banks are structured to place a priority on serving large corporations.

Community Banks Promote Community Growth -

Unlike many larger banks that may take deposits in one state and lend in others, community banks channel most of their loans to the neighborhoods where their depositors live and work, helping to keep local communities vibrant and growing.

Emotional & Physical Community Attachment

Community bankers are typically deeply involved in local community affairs, while large-bank officers are likely to be detached physically and emotionally from the communities where their branches are located.


Whether located in small towns, suburbia or big-city neighborhoods, independent banks improve South Dakota communities by funding more than half of all small businesses under $1 million and by using local dollars to help families purchase a home, buy a car, finance college and build financial security.

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